Precious Plastics

Welcome to the fourth course of the Pop-Machina Circular Maker Academy.


Precious Plastic is a project to boost plastic recycling worldwide by providing free and open-source tools and knowledge to people around the world. As a project it is completely decentralised and driven by its community.

This course consists of two lessons. The first begins with an informative and inspirational presentation by Katharina Elleke to introduce the Precious Plastics project. Following this is a video by One Army taken from the Precious Plastic Academy. In it Precious Plastic creator Dave Hakkens explains the different types of plastics and their uses. You’ll use this information in the lesson exercise that looks at the plastic materials that are considered waste in your own environment.

The second lesson is another great video from the Precious Plastic Academy that demonstrates some of the amazing potential of the Precious Plastic recycling process. There is also an optional exercise that aims to recreate the process in a simple and low-tech way.

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