Community building and orchestration

Welcome to the second course of the Pop-Machina Circular Maker Academy. In Pop-Machina we see community building as a crucial aspect for any Circular Maker Space. A makerspace, hackerspace, or Fab Lab is just a space for machines if there are no people who use them. We believe the people who create, collaborate and invent make the space a makerspace.

This course consists of two lessons. Each of the lessons contains an inspirational talk and an exercise. The exercises can be done “hypothetical” or with your actual community networks and members. The lessons explain the general means and drivers for community interactions by the two inspirational speakers Marion Real from Fab Lab Barcelona and Mathias Verderau from Lichen Social Innovation. Bear in mind that any workshop that circles around making brings people together and potentially builds the foundation for a community.

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  • 2 Lessons